What is PicPurify and how does it work?

PicPurify is a real-time image moderation API which accurately detects and filters inappropriate images containing specific elements like porn, nudity, violence, drugs, weapons, hate symbols, obscene gestures... Our goal is to provide you with the ability to identify unwanted user generated images and automatically remove them from your product and service.

The core algorithm behind PicPurify is built based on the most advanced deep learning technology. This algorithm is inspired by the human visual system, and is continuously learning how to identify specific contents in an image by scanning millions of them.

Unlike traditional image recognition approaches, PicPurify's state-of-the-art neural network framework learns to extract the most discriminative features from all analyzed images. This technology makes PicPurify's algorithm reach an unprecedented accuracy and speed.

How to start using it?

Basically, you just need to integrate PicPurify API in your website, app or service, and the algorithm does everything else!

You'll be pleased to know that our API is one of the most accurate, but also the easiest one to integrate. You can find here all the documentation you need to get started in a few minutes (examples of POST requests & responses, parameters, etc.).

Not familiar with how API work and how to integrate them in your code? Just try our online demo by yourself to get some insight and see how powerful our solution is. Once convinced, sign up for free and provide your developer with your personal API key and the link to the API documentation.

Why PicPurify in particular?


Moderate images to reduce unwanted adult content from your product, app or service.


Use PicPurify instead of manual moderation and save more than 95% of manpower.


We can customize a tailor-made model just for you, according to your specific needs.

Accurate & Fast

Our algorithm has an accuracy higher than 95% and each analyze is done in less 0.05 second.

Continuous and persistent

24/7 accessibility based on Amazon AWS cloud service.

Easy to use

An online API is very easy and convenient to use.