What is PicPurify?

PicPurify is an realtime image moderation API which can accurately detects the existance of specific contents (e.g. porn, violence, nudity) in image.

The core algorithm behind PicPurify is built based on the most advanced deep learning technology. This algorithm is inspired by the human visual system, and is trained using milions of images to learn how to identify specific content in an image.

Unlike traditional image recognition approaches, PicPurify's state-of-the-art convotional neural network framework learns to extract most discriminative features from all the images that have been analyzed. This makes PicPurify's algorithm reaches an unprecedented performance of accuracy and speed.

Deep learning in automatic image moderation

Why choose PicPurify?

Reassure your users and advertisers

Moderate the images to reduce unwanted adult content from your product and service.

Decrease the cost

Be a replacement or complement of manual moderation. Save more than 95% of the manpower.


We are able to customize a tailor-made model to help you recognize images of specific content.

Accurate and Fast

Our algorithm has an accuracy higher than 95%. Each analyse is done within 0.05 second, which is orders of magnitude faster than human moderation.

Continuous and persistent

24/7 accessibility based on Amazon AWS cloud service.

Simple to use

An online API very easy and convenient to use.

A proven performance

PicPurify's service has been used in several parental control softwares and has analysed millions images.

Always learning and improving

Our algorithm learns from every image it analyzes, constantly improving its accuracy.

Who needs PicPurify?

Our goal is to provide you with the capability to identify unwanted images in user generated content, so you can remove them from your product and service.

If you are the owner/provider of one of the following products and services, PicPurify is a perfect choice for you:

  • E-Commerce, online marketplace

  • Social Network

  • Photo Sharing

  • Online Dating

  • Forum, Blog, Community

  • Children's Site & App

  • Parental Control

  • Safe Browser

  • And any other products that need to verify the compliance of user uploaded images ...