Detect raw and partial nudity in real time
with PicPurify image moderation API

Porn and nudity represent an important part of the pictures and videos posted on the Internet. But this kind of content can be harmful for your business, especially if you work for a platform which a large amount of users, or for a service created for a young audience. If you need to manage a huge amount of user generated pictures while providing a safe website to your customers, PicPurify is the perfect solution for you.

Build a trusting relationship with your audience with a service free of suggestive content

Our image moderation service can be set up according to your level of tolerance, so you will be able to allow pictures displaying people in swimsuit while blocking any content with raw nudity inside. In this way, PicPurify’s algorithm can be used by :

  • online kid-friendly medias : your audience will only view pictures and videos adapted to their young age. Applying a nudity detection and filtering system will help you to gain both their loyalty and the trust of their parents.

  • dating websites : tackle offensive content like dick pics or revenge porn by suppressing instantly any nudes. Foster respectful discussions between your members and promote exchanges of better quality.

  • social medias : preserve your users from sensitive content and the dignity of the person displayed on the picture (no revenge porn, cyberbullying...)

More than filtering explicit content, the nudity detection service will also help to prevent scammers activity, which base their fraudulent business on suggestive pictures to lure your users.

A fast and cost effective way to moderate online content

Websites for children, social medias, dating apps, parental control solutions… There are a ton of domains in which filtering adult content is necessary. Whatever your domain is, using an automatic image moderation like PicPurify helps your business to save time and money. You provide an efficient tool which completes your moderation team, while building a solid reputation for your users and commercial partners. We can also work with you to create a tailored solution ; feel free to contact us !

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