Drugs detection API

With PicPurify drugs moderation API, detect and filter images containing:

✔ Cannabis (leaves, joints, bongs, glass pipes), hard drugs (syringes, injections, stamp bags)...


Preserve your website from dubious activities

User-generated images showing drugs are often posted with an intention to harm or shock people. PicPurify's drugs detection API detects and removes drugs related images: people smoking marijuana, using a bong or a glass pipe, injecting themselves, liquefying drugs in a spoon, etc. It is essential to protect your visitors from inappropriate images of this kind.

Photos containing cigarettes, wood pipes or syringes in a medical context won't be flagged.

Accuracy & speed for drugs detection API

We're always monitoring our accuracy and speeds: check our status here.

327ms median image inference time (392ms total processing time)

98% accuracy

drug detection demo


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