Why is automatic image moderation essential?

The amount of data we can collect from the Internet is completely mind-blowing, and even more when it comes to images. With an average of 657 billion photos uploaded online every year, automatic image moderation is essential to protect our users from inappropriate content.

Don't let dubious images bring discredit on your platform, and keep your community safe!

✔ Keep your community safe

PicPurify is here to help you protect your users from harmful content by detecting inappropriate images and videos. By implementing PicPurify’s API, you’ll be able to automatically detect and filter user generated images containing porn, nudity, weapons, drugs, violence, etc.

✔ Preserve your reputation

Leaving your website, e-commerce or online marketplace unattended is leaving the door open for unwarranted negative publicity and can hurt your reputation. A proactive approach to the matter consists of monitoring images and videos and removing them within seconds if they're inappropriate.

✔ Please your advertisers

A website free from unwanted or harmful pictures means that your advertisers can trust you and place their ads on your platform without hesitation, while you generate revenue from their investment.

✔ Decrease your costs

Manual moderation might be an option if you only have a few images to control, but it can also be time-consuming and hence expensive. Automatic image moderation helps unburden human reviewers with almost 100% accuracy, works 24/7 without discrepancy, and effectively reduce content moderation costs for businesses.


PicPurify is a real-time image moderation API which can accurately detect and filter images containing specific contents like porn, violence, drugs, weapons, nudity... The core algorithm behind it is built based on the most advanced deep learning technology. This algorithm is inspired by the human visual system, and is continuously learning how to identify specific contents in an image by scanning millions of them.