Why image moderation is essential
to keep your user generated pictures safe

Don't let dubious images bring discredit on your platform

It has never been so easy to share images online : the quality of our smartphone cameras is constantly improving and today there are tons of websites, social medias, and applications where anyone can post pictures easily and quickly.

But how can you be sure of their compliance ?

All these user generated images can't be displayed : because of their harmfulness some of them could hurt sensitive areas and even your reputation. It's up to website editors to guarantee their audience's safety. But the amount of images is becoming more and more difficult to manage.

An image moderation API can help companies like yours :

  • to keep your community safe by detecting and filtering images containing pornography, violence, drugs, etc.

  • to please your advertisers : a website, free from unwanted pictures, means that they can trust you, place their ads on your platform, while you generate revenue from their investment.

  • to decrease your cost on picture moderation : an automatic image moderation system can replace manual moderators or make their work easier. The more the image is instantly analyzed, the more you can boost your productivity.

Image moderation on social media

Ensure efficient image moderation with PicPurify

PicPurify is an automatic image moderation tool which detects and filters, in real time, content such as nudity, pornography, violence, or drugs. Whether you work for a social media company, a marketplace, or any platform where people can post pictures and profile pictures, our photo filter API helps you to keep it safe for the community you want to target.

Thanks to a deep learning-based technology, PicPurify algorithms filter any image quickly and precisely. It takes just 0.1s to analyse it and determine whether it's appropriate or not, for an accuracy rate of 95%!

Interested ?

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