Weapons detection API

With PicPurify weapons moderation API, detect and filter images containing:

✔ Firearms, military weapons, sharp knives, swords...


Gun violence is always a hot topic. Legit or not, pictures showing someone posing with a firearm or holding a knife can offend visitors, shock young minds and displease advertisers.

The most advanced deep learning technology

Get automatically rid of user-generated images showing weapons: PicPurify's weapons detection API supports the recognition of images containing gun-related violence along with other kinds of weapons like knives.

Please note that kitchen knives (cutting veg for example) will be mark as safe, and so will plastic toy guns (except if they look too realistic).

Accuracy & speed for weapons detection API

We're always monitoring our accuracy and speeds: check our status here.

396ms median image inference time (484ms total processing time)

98% accuracy

gun detection demo


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