Face detection, gender detection, age detection

With PicPurify face moderation API:

✔ Detect the number of faces in an image, their gender and age group.


Face detection and position

This face model can detect the number of faces in images and position them. It also automatically generates a thumbnail for each face.

Age group & gender detection options

Detects each face's gender (male / female) and age group (major / minor).

Pick the options you want

  • Face detection (number of faces + face position + thumbnail): task=face_detection (consumes 1 unit)
  • Face detection + gender: task=face_gender_detection (consumes 2 units)
  • Face detection + age: task=face_age_detection (consumes 2 units)
  • Face detection + gender + age: task=face_gender_age_detection (consumes 3 units)
face moderation demo


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