Instantly moderate the user generated images
posted on your marketplace

Offer a safer platform for your community

Marketplaces and e-commerce platforms are now the best places to gather online sellers and people who are looking for specific products. But it’s necessary to keep an eye on product compliance if you want to strengthen your website’s reputation. PicPurify image moderation service aims at keeping your community safe by instantly filtering pictures which don’t comply with your guidelines. Through a fast and accurate solution, we can help you maintain both your community’s safety and the confidence of your advertisers.

Image moderation for e-commerce platforms

An image moderation service tailored to your needs

Our image moderation API was created to automatically detect and filter any inappropriate content. We use the most advanced deep learning technology to instantly analyze pictures posted by your users and we block the ones which don’t respect your moderation policy. This can include content with nudity, violence, drugs or weapons. By filtering them before their publication, PicPurify allows you to provide a safer place for your customers.

Only 0.1s is necessary for PicPurify to classify an image with an accuracy rate of 95% . This level of speed and efficiency allows you to :

  • reduce the cost implied by manual moderation

  • gain in speed and productivity

  • strengthen your website’s security

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