Secure your social media platform

Use PicPurify to moderate your users' avatars, profile pictures, and every user-generated images.

Inappropriate images can hurt the reputation of your service and make your users run away. Our automatic image moderation system is the perfect solution for social media, dating websites or applications, etc. With PicPurify, detect and ban shocking photos and videos in real time, remove profile pictures that are not compliant with your policy, etc.

Keep your website fun and safe

Our image moderation API was created to automatically ban any irrelevant picture from your platform. In this way, you can preserve your community from any inappropriate content, keep your reputation intact and increase your user base. PicPurify uses the most advanced deep-learning technology to analyze pictures posted by your users. In less than one second, we're able to detect and filter images containing nudity, porn, violence, drugs, weapons, and more.

Image profile moderation

Create a pleasant experience for your users

Whether you represent a social network or a dating app / website, you mostly rely on user-generated images. To create a pleasant experience for your users, it's essential to make sure those images aren't deceptive, misleading, or even harmful. Our algorithms recognize and block duplicated images, and by doing so you, preserve your website from fake profiles and dubious activities.

Why PicPurify?


Automatically removes unwanted content from your product or service.


Recognizes suspect images like porn, violence, drug, weapon, extremism.


We can create a tailor-made model according to your specific needs.

Fast & Accurate

Decisions are made 24/7 in less than 0.1 second, with an accuracy higher than 95%.

Cost efficient

Save more than 95% of manpower in content moderation.

Highly performant

PicPurify has been integrated in multiple products and has analyzed millions images.


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