A Realtime Image Moderation API

Based on the most advanced Deep Learning technology

Moderate the images

Reduce unwanted content from your product and service.


Recognize suspect images like porn, violence, drug, weapon, extremism.


We can customize a tailor-made model according to your specific requirements

Fast, Accurate, Reliable

For 24/7, decision can always be made in less than 0.1 second, with an accuracy higher than 95%.

Decrease the cost

Save more than 95% of manpower in content moderation.

A proven performance

PicPurify's technique has been integrated in multiple products and has analysed millions images.

Facebook images moderation tools

Setup an images moderation tool for your Facebook page in a few clicks

Preserve your brand

Your Facebook page reflects your brand values, don't loose control over


Just signup, register your page, that's all !


We will automatically remove posts and comments with inapropriate pictures

Automatic Image Moderation and Filtering


You can use PicPurify to prevent any unwanted images from being presented on your platform with a very low cost.

Social network, blog,
Photo sharing, ...

By moderating users' avatars, profile photos and images uploaded, PicPurify will keep your community fun and safe.

Parental Control
Safe Browser

By integrating PicPurify's API, we can return you an accurate image analyzing result in a very short latency.

Any other specific content or usage cases ...

You want to identify specific image content in your product/service?

PicPurify can customize a tailor-made model for you, just give us a call or a message and let's discuss!

Our technology also applies to video

To moderate uploaded videos, just sign up then have a look to the video API doc

For live video streams Contact us


PicPurify's image moderation technique has been integrated in several apps/services
and has scanned millions of images

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