Why is Facebook Moderation Important?

Our goal is to keep your facebook page safe and friendly

Your Facebook page reflects your brand values. it’s important to keep control over interactions taking place there. As a brand, you’re responsible for ensuring your page is free of harmful content and for securing your reputation.

Facebook has a built-in solution for filtering comments, but only with the words they contains. We are going further, we wipe out harmful images.

Facebook page safe and friendly

Helping Your Community

Our goal is to provide you with the capability to identify unwanted images in your facebook page (e.g. porn, violence, weapons, drug, nudity).

With our automated image moderation, you’re using the best AI technology to protect your brand reputation and fans from inapropriate image content. An happy community gives fans a positive experience with your brand, and by encouraging conversation you can gain valuable insight and data on consumers.

Stay focused on your community to sharpen and enhance your brand, without the risk of seeing your work spoiled by bad publications. See how performant is our tool for Facebook image moderation by trying it for free!

Facebook helping community

How to get started?

Follow this steps to try our facebook page image moderation :

  • Create an account

  • Log in and go to the "Facebook moderation" Menu

  • Click on "Continue with Facebook"

  • Once a Facebook popup appear, log in with the administrator account of your Facebook page

  • Allow PicPurify to moderate your Facebook Page

  • Try freely with your free units (the best is to post by yourself, as a standard user, a comment with a picture showing a gun)

  • Convince ? subscribe to the plan of your choice