Why do you need a Facebook moderation tool on your page?

Our goal is to keep your Facebook page safe and friendly.

Your Facebook page reflects your brand values, hence it’s essential to keep control over interactions. Even if Facebook users can report content that don't follow the Community Standards, they're not automatically removed and it always takes some time before the picture is reviewed. As a brand or administrator of your organization, you need to make sure your page is free of inappropriate content. By implementing an automatic image moderation tool like PicPurify, you protect your reputation and your users all at once.

facebook comment moderation

An inappropriate image is posted on your page

facebook comment moderation

PicPurify automatically detects and removes it

Protecting your community together

Our goal is to provide you with a tool detecting every inappropriate images on your Facebook page (porn, violence, weapons, drugs, nudity).

With PicPurify's automatic image moderation tool, you’re choosing the best AI technology to protect your brand reputation and your members from harmful images and videos.

Focus on your community and enhance your brand, without worrying about seeing your work spoiled by bad publications.

See how efficient our Facebook image moderation tool is. Try it for free!

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Get started now!

Follow those steps and get started in a few minutes.

  • Create a PicPurify account

  • Log in to your dashboard and go to Facebook moderation tab

  • Click on Continue with Facebook

  • Log in to Facebook with the admin account of the page you want to moderate

  • Allow PicPurify to moderate your Facebook page

  • All done, enjoy your 50 free units!

facebook comment moderation

Any user-generated picture containing porn, gore, weapons, hate signs or drugs will be moderated. Try it yourself by posting a comment with a picture showing a gun, for example: it will be automatically moderated.